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Monday 17th of June 2019 04:19:56 PM

How to lock / unlock particular directory / folder via cpanel

Why is it important?

Locking / Unlocking a path is important as it helps us to prevent our site from malicious activities , upload certain files at the back-end, let it be uploading an image on WordPress, zipping & unzipping files in cpanel, or uploading of heavy files directly on cpanel.

How is it done?

  1. Go to the domain eg.
  2. Type cpanel at the end of the domain name, eg.
  3. Enter the respective password and username.
  4. You will see a cpanel dashboard.
  5. On the dashboard click file lock option.

  6. After selecting the option, you will see operation, profile and path text-boxes.

  7. On operation text-box select lock/unlock.
  8. If locking select from profile drop-down select option as per your requirement, normally we use General.
  9. If unlocking leave the profile drop-down blank.
  10. Type in the path you wish to lock / unlock, by default the value is /public_html, which locks the entire website.
  11. Last submit and you will see a page that says to click to go back and a table that displays the entire operations performed on it.